Hedge is audited by Kudelski, Sec3 (formerly Soteria) and OtterSec.
The Kudelski report can be found here.
The OtterSec report can be found here.
The Sec3 (formely Soteria) report can be found here.

Contract address

The mainnet contract has been deployed with the following address: HedgeEohwU6RqokrvPU4Hb6XKPub8NuKbnPmY7FoMMtN​
Please ensure you are only interacting with the following address.


Vault systems that rely on a single exchange's price feed may be subject to flash loan attacks. To avoid this, Hedge uses​ Pyth’s SOL feed as its primary source and falls back on Switchboard’s feed. Chainlink will also be used once it is deployed to Solana mainnet.
We've released upgrades to our Oracle Module which strengthen the reliability of collateral price quotes.
Our Oracle Module checks for 3 major attributes: Confidence Intervals, Price Staleness and Median Price Value.
Confidence intervals allow us to check when an Oracle Provider's publishers are reporting a precise price. If an Oracle Providers publishers are compromised, intending to provide an incorrect value -- A confidence interval based on the standard deviation of Oracle Publishers will be refused by our Oracle Module.
Price Staleness allows us to make sure a price quote is still "fresh". If the price quoted was reported more than a minute ago, the Oracle Module will refuse the Oracle Providers Quote.
Median Price Value allows us to select an appropriate price quote when all three Oracle Providers quote a value. This ensures we utilize the most accurate price value and are resistant to faulty oracle price quotes.