What was the motivation behind this project?

The idea of offering a 0% interest loan product felt very novel to us — we had never seen anything like this offered in the traditional finance world and it got us really excited to build the first version of Hedge, which we submitted to the Ignition Hackathon. Our submission attracted tons of interest: we won the Chainlink Prize(link) and had close to 10,000 vaults created on our devnet smart contract.

Hedge is growing quickly now and moving toward a mainnet launch in the near future.

Any future plans for Hedge?

Our initial focus is to give users the very best way to unlock their SOL at rates not previously available. We plan to scale by being the go-to place for token liquidity: with the input of the community, we’ll carefully onboard additional forms of collateral. Alongside this, a vibrant ecosystem built on top of USH will be made available — including yield and leverage products — to help users get the most out of their favorite token.

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